About Me

The "Swiss Army Knife" of Marketing and Communications Consultants

Experience Makes the Difference

As a natural multitasker, you can count on me to be pretty handy to have around. Having 30+ years of multi-industry, omni-channel, robust marketing and communications experience means that, like the Swiss Army Knife, I'm ready for just about anything.

If you want help producing compelling content, building memorable brands, creating collateral, messaging, campaigns, creating sustainable growth, or telling your stories? Then, reach out.

If we work together you can count on marketing and communication solutions that are backed by solid strategy and created to achieve results. You can be sure that you'll be listened to, respected for your expertise and, trust me, we're bound to have a little fun along the way!

Diverse Experience in Every Solution

Every project I do for you will be custom designed and it will draw upon a portfolio of experience that includes:

  • A variety of branding and rebranding projects

  • Integrated strategic planning marketing campaigns

  • Product/service launches

  • Change management communication strategies

  • Website developement and redesigns

  • Digital content creation

  • Blogging in a variety of industries

  • Comprehensive copywriting multi-industry experience

  • The creation of project wikis, online discussion forums and personal learning networks

Having sat on both the buyer and supplier sides of the marketing and communications desks, so I can provide you with broad perspectives that embrace balanced change.

A Global Perspective

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I now live in Sydney, Australia and my heart is split between these two wonderful countries. That said, I know where I’d rather spend a winter and which PM I’d prefer to share a wine with.

I’m active on a variety of online freelance and social networks So, I can usually be found online working in a variety of timezones from the comfort of my own home.

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